Saturday Night, a Cat, the Warriors, and $2 Chips.

Alfie Hayes

Alfie Hayes

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know I live with a cat called Alfie. 

He is my flatmate, Erin’s.

Alfie is an indoor cat - although he has recently gained access to the backyard. But, having spent the best part of the first year of his life inside, even with the possibility to now go outside, he spends most of his time inside, near whoever is home, on his back, legs in the air hoping for a belly scratch. 

“Poor cat”, people often say, “He should be able to roam”.

And to be honest, for a time I did kinda agree. Buuuuut, what you don’t know, doesn’t hurt you, does it? 

Does Alfie miss the great outdoors? Roaming the streets with his cat pals, chasing mice and birds and reminiscing on their misspent youth? Doubt it. He’s never experienced it. And you can’t miss what you’ve never done. 

Which brings me to the Warriors game on Saturday night. 

Stick with me. 

Now I've been a fan of the Warriors since they began in 1995. Am I a die hard fan? One that watches every week without fail? Like that of my Dad and my Aunty? Nope. But if I am around, I don’t mind watching them play. More so than any other sports team this country has - sorry Rugby fans, just not that fussed. 

Anyway, while watching the Warriors on Saturday night I became aware of something that, although not the end of the world, has me a little sad. 

If you caught the game on Saturday you would’ve noticed the ref was unable to make a single decision himself and so after every try outsourced the final call to the video ref. 

Annoying at the best of times. But even more frustrating on Saturday as while waiting to see the video ref's decisions, learning (and then being reminded) that at KFC in Australia you can get a large fries for just $2. 

In Australia and only Australia. 


Talk about disappointing. I know we are constantly getting served adverts with no relevance to us by companies nowhere near us, but $2 large fries at KFC, don’t tempt me like that? 

It’s. Just. Not. Fair. 

And like if we were to let Alfie out into the big wide world to explore for a day, but then never let him back out again. I feel I have been shown a world somewhat bigger and better beyond my own, alas that I cannot access.

Well that is without a $250 flight to Australia. But for a large chips, well that would be a touch excessive, wouldn't it?