A generic picture of fireworks to evoke thoughts of NYE.

A generic picture of fireworks to evoke thoughts of NYE.

It is New Years Eve eve and like a number of my more recent New Years I find myself alone. 

Sad? Nah, not at all. In my mind It's actually a positive. I think a bit of alone time at the back end of the year is actually a gift. To be honest though it’s been a couple of years since I have done the solo thing for New Year. Last year I spent the  period with friends at Rhythm & Vines, and the year before that having just arrived back in the country to start my gig with Kerre at ZB, with friends in Waihi. 

However this year is much like the years prior to the last couple, with me working through the Christmas/NY break on the radio in Auckland (thankfully only on one station this year), outside of work I’m pretty much flying solo. 

I mean I am not alone, alone, there are friends around, but with the flatmates heading further afield for their NY celebrations yesterday, I now have the house to myself and therefore the ability to socialise when and if I want… if I want. 


And with this bit of downtime, this space to think, with work all but wrapped up for the year (I still have a bit to do on a couple of fronts), and a new year approaching, I’ve found myself (as I have in the past), reflecting on what has been and pondering what's coming next.

2017 has ben quite the year. Perhaps not as crazy as some previous, but riddled with incredible memories none the less. But as amazing as the past year has been (don’t get me wrong its had its shite moments too), what is really making me grin ear to ear as I type this is whats coming next.

2018 (given current estimates/current plans), really is going to be one for the books. 

I remember a few years back on New Years Eve 2012/2013 (I was hosting 12am-6am on Newstalk ZB New Years Day) being in a similarly contemplative mood at my friends Dermott & Kirsty’s house. I remember sitting at their outdoor table as the sun went down and writing in my journal that I was pretty excited about the year ahead; South America for 5 months, Glastonbury (again), and the countless possibilities in London and Europe post. 

Fast forward five years and I say pfffffft to 2013, as look what 2018 has in-store!

- Hosting Heartbreak Island (a reality TV dating show for TVNZ2) with Matilda Rice on a tropical island 

- Backpacking through ‘The Stans’ (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc) with a couple of friends who are planning to travel the Silk Road next year

- A wee trip to the south of France with one Kerre McIvor 

- At least a portion of a summer in London with whoever of my crew is left there (so many have left)

- Hopefully a couple of months in Central America/Mexico and/or India/Asia while NZ is in the depths of Winter

- Maaaaaaybe a trip to Toronto in Canada to catch up with friends.

- A return to Burning Man

It really is all very exciting. And that's without mentioning the various business opportunities I am currently chasing, the crazy schemes I’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had the time to whilst working at ZB, and/or the long list of people I will be able to reconnect with once I am on the move again. You know who you are... CANNOT WAIT!!! 

Now granted not all of this will come off, but even if I manage to nail 50%, 25% even, It'll be an epic year.

As a somewhat positive person I am generally upbeat about life most of the time, but my current mood really is next level. I don’t think I have ever been so excited for a new year, ever! And not because the last year has been bad, as I said before it hasn’t, but because the coming year has the potential to be so fucking awesome! 

Baaaaaaah! I actually cannot wait. And I’m not going to have to. I’m off to Heartbreak Island next week! 

So thats where I am at at the end of 2017. Miserable, downtrodden, over it, my zest for life all but extinguished. Bah! I hope you are feeling similarly and like myself, have a number of things to look forward to in 2018. 

ps for those of you now worried I am going to spend NYE alone, don’t. Wheels are in motion, plans are afoot. I’m just currently trying to figure out how to see 2017 out in style and yet wake up in time AND be coherent for my four hour show on Newstalk ZB on Monday. I definitely won’t be on my lonesome when 2018 arrives. Promise. 

Still holding out hope for a pash at midnight… but we will have to see on that front. 

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